Genuine Original Jura Claris Smart Coffee Water Filter Cartridge

Genuine Original Jura Claris Smart Coffee Water Filter Cartridge

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  • Automatic filter detetction.
  • Removes the need for descaling.
  • Constantly fresh water means oerfect flavour.
  • Water filtered at the source.
  • Filter capacity: up to 50 litres of water or max 2 months.

The intelligent water filter

Suitable for all types of mains water
CLARIS Smart works according to the professional up-flow principle and always filters exactly the amount of water required for each preparation. Thanks to the pioneering formula, the filter cartridges are ideally suited to mains water anywhere in the world. The modified granule always filters limescale to an optimum level (even when the water hardness is low) and reduces the level of all harmful substances more efficiently than ever before. Minerals and fluorides that are important for helping flavours to develop are fully retained in the water. The optimum stabilisation of limescale and efficient filtering of harmful substances always results in optimum water quality for a perfect coffee flavour.

Automatic filter detection
To enable the filter and coffee machine to communicate, JURA uses modern RFID technology. Any machine fitted with the intelligent water system (I.W.S.®) recognises when a filter is inserted, automatically switches to filter mode and starts the rinsing process. When the filter capacity is nearly used up the machine prompts the user to change the filter. If the filter is not changed, the machine activates descaling mode. After a certain amount of use, the user is prompted to descale the machine. This can only be done when the filter is removed, so there is no more risk of user error resulting from misunderstandings.

* CLARIS Smart was designed for the following machines with the intelligent water system (I.W.S.®):

  • Z8
  • Z6
  • J6
  • E8
  • E80
  • E800
  • E6
  • E60
  • E600


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kay Mcpherson

Genuine Jura. A must to keep your Jura happy.

Eryk Langley

The product is excellent.

Della Daugherty

It’s the factory water filter for the Jura coffee machine. Nothing more

Arun Truong

I had previously bought "generic" filters, but they did not seem to fit properly, I now only buy original filters

Paul Bain

Fits my Jura E6. Makes a great cup of coffee!