Cappuccino Double Wall Dual Thermo Shield Insulated Glasses

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CFL660B - Filter Logic Cappuccino Glasses
(2 Cappuccino Glasses)

  • Made from Borosilicate Glass (makes the glass resistant to thermal shock).
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Each glass hand blown by artisan workers


Height: 95mm
Width (at top): 85mm
Width (at bottom): 50mm
Capacity: 300ml

(PLEASE NOTE: Capacity is measured by a 'regular' non aerated liquid (ie water) filling the glass from the bottom to very top. 300ml of an aerated liquid (ie frothed milk), will take up more space than a non-aerated liquid, and this capacity is of course further dependent on how much air is introduced into the liquid)

One of the most desirable aspects of Cappuccino is the presentation, yet a ceramic cup pretty much hides this away! Not only this, a regular single wall cup, be it glass or ceramic, often allows the heat to escape quickly on what is often a drink that ends up being slightly cooler - Especially with automatic coffee machines being fed with cold milk. FilterLogic Thermoshield glasses give you a simple but elegant presentation, retaining the temperature of the drink for longer and ensuring the froth doesn't collapse quickly. Just add cocoa dust for the ultimate indulgence!

All FilterLogic coffee glasses are based around their unique Thermoshield Technology - Precision crafted double wall glass, designed to retain the heat of your drinks whilst keeping the exterior cool to the touch.

Every glass is hand blown and crafted by artisan workers, ensuring workmanship and quality that cannot be obtained with mass-manufacturing methods - Whilst people will often invest heavily in coffee machines and the coffee they use, serving your creations can be equally as important in crafting the overall experience of the drink, and for the true 'barista-at-home' experience then it becomes an important consideration.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Colette Mcarthur

    We really like these glasses. They keep our drinks cold and our tables rim free. I just bought two more to increase our set

    Randall Sharpe

    These glasses feel really high quality I’m impressed! They fit so well in my hand, I might have to purchase another set!

    Oliver Dolan

    Love this clear cup , good material ,nice design and easy to clean,good for tea, coffee and when you hold the cup you don’t feel the hot , Because its double wall glass.

    Lilah Wong

    My daughter loves tea. I got this for her so she can enjoy a pretty cup of tea. I was worried about the handle breaking so I got this version. It insulates perfectly and isn't hot in the hand. It's a great cup!

    Chenai Adam

    Great glasses and look great and keep the coffee lovely and warm . I also bought them for my friend as a present and she loves them .